Law Office Urge was founded by Attorney at Law Leo Urge in 1993. At present three employees work with the firm. Law Office Urge provides legal assistance and offers legal services in all main fields of law with focus on Company Law, Contract Law, Property Law and Family Law. Our lawyers are also experienced in Labour Law, Tax Law, Bankruptcy Law and EU Law. Representation of clients in courts of law and arbitration courts forms an important part of the work of the law office.

There are many Estonian and foreign companies, private persons, several state and local government authorities as clients of the law office. Depending on circumstances and the client's preference our lawyers provide legal advice in Estonian, English or Russian. Due to good contacts with foreign lawyers appropriate legal advice will be ensured to the clients of Law Office Urge also when there is a need to advise the client in respect of foreign legislation, or provide the client with legal assistance outside Estonia.